Senior Fitness

Low Impact Exercise Programs for Seniors at Eclipse Fitness Center


Older adults will enjoy exercising at Eclipse Fitness Center in Green Brook. With our numerous services and amenities, we have an activity for every age and fitness ability.

If you’re new to working out, or it’s been awhile since your last gym visit, a personal trainer will help you identify your fitness level and goals. You can start off low-impact with a Yoga group exercise class — or speed things up with cardio training on one of our recumbent bikes.


Our health club in Green Brook also offers MyZone, a monitoring system that you wear while working out to measure heart rate, calories burned and time exercised.

For your comfort, our gym in Green Brook offers clean, secure locker rooms and a juice bar for healthy refreshment. Give our health club a try by calling (732) 356-6900 and signing up for a free trial membership!